Villa Manganaro is located in a strategic position to easily reach the most beautiful beaches and the most famous tourist areas.

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Tratturo Manganaro | Macchia-Monte Sant’Angelo (FG) | Italy


Achieve one of the most nearest airports: Bari, Brindisi, Naples, Pescara, Rome and then go on to Foggia. Without entering the city, take the SS89 towards Gargano-morning and go without ever leaving. At the height of Manfredonia (without entering the city) continue towards morning, after the roundabout, follow the references in the map: first meet on the right the small SANGALLI GLASS Manfredonia factory, then the IP service station, continue on SS89 and the second small roundabout, DO NOT take the SP55 direction to Monte Sant’Angelo but always maintaining the direction Mattinata, 30 mt., on your left you will see a big pine tree Roman corner of a stone retaining wall with a road that in map forms a big C “Tratturo Manganaro”, climb and turn right, via the Netherlands will lead up to the villa because the road ends in his gray gate.